MCS Differentiators

Resource Depository

MCS maintains a vast in-house database of highly competent resources classified according to varied technical and non- technical expertise, international exposure, years of experience, and leadership skills. Our repository helps us to efficiently map the right resources through our business networks globally. We help our clients with efficient resource allocation, increase their productivity and provide the best options.

Resource Screening

Our utmost emphasis is on communication skills, both written and verbal and consider this as a mandatory prerequisite for all jobs, at all levels.

We thoroughly analyse the mind-set of the prospective resources. We use a set of tools to identify the resources primary and secondary objectives and correlate the resources’ focus with the clients’ needs. We firmly believe that if a resource gets an opportunity realise his/her dream job then that would make the resource doubly productive and help them evolve with the organization.

We always ensure that we propose resources consciously looking for a change and not those who are just exploring their market value and demand. This helps clients to save their precious time.

Interview Process

Resources with niche skillsets are evaluated by our consultants who are subject matter experts and currently engaged in real-time projects. This helps our clients to get the right fit resources who could be readily deployed.

Status update

We keep our client and the resource updated on the status of the recruitment process at all times. If a position is put ‘on hold’ by the client, we inform the resource and help them look at other available opportunities. Even if a resource is not short-listed, we provide appropriate feedback and try to map them with matching requirements from our other clients.

Post Selection Process

We give utmost importance on ensuring that the selected resource assumes work with our clients. We strive for certainty in this context as we truly believe that we cannot let down our client at a crucial phase of the project after completion of the selection process. Maintaining close human relations with the prospective resource right from short-listing enable us to achieve our objective. Our ‘Recruitment Facilitator’ takes cares of this crucial component and maintains close relation with the resource right from sourcing. We add value by educating the resources on our client’s business, work culture, and systems in place before processing their candidature with our clients.